My Experience with Amazon Prime Pantry

My experience with Amazon Prime Pantry so far.

I ordered my first box last week from Amazon Prime Pantry.  For those of you not familiar with the way it work, it goes like this.  You get a box that you fill up.  Every item lets you know what percentage % of the box it requires, and there is a running total at the top of the number of items you have in your box as well as what percentage of the box is filled.

Order Details

The month of February was great because Amazon had a coupon for $10 off a box, this coupled with free shipping (a $5.99 value) if you bough 5 items from specific categories means you could save big.

What did we wind up buying in our first box?  Well here is the list

Amazon Pantry Box #1

The box totaled $86.  I save $5.75 in coupons, yes they have their own coupons, $10 February coupon. Free shipping (-5.99), and a no-rush credit of $5.99 which I got when I ordered something else and chose “no rush” because it came with a credit. So an $86 order cost me only $66.

The February coupon is still available, so if you want to try Amazon Prime Pantry, Now is the time.

Update: apparently the February coupon expired before February was over.  However, I still placed an order for a second box.  I probably won’t order a third for a little while.  This service will be better when there is a wider variety of items and brands.

Here the contents of my second box which totaled $77.46 before savings, and $67.71 after savings and coupons:

Amazon Box #2

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