Amazon releases 2 new echo like devices

So today TAP released 2 more devices in the Echo or Alexa line.  The Amazon DOT and the Amazon TAP.


At first look I couldn’t figure out what they bring to the table that the echo doesn’t have, then I realized.  The dot for example is the echo but without the speaker,  Its BYOS (Bring your own speaker).  You would have to connect this to a speaker or a stereo system..  The Amazon Tap is a portable version of the Echo, with approximately 9 hours of battery life.  Kind of line a jambox on steriods.  I don’t know the sound quality of the Tap, but if I could add Alexia’s interface to my jambox, that’s interesting..


I currently have the Amazon Echo,  I do not have the Tap or Dot.  Don’t think I would buy them, since I have the echo, but it might be a nice entry level device..

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