Colonoscopist – Yes It’s A Real Title

Ok, So we usually Tivo The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and we were watching the episode that aired Friday May 2nd 2014 with Lewis Black.  In his routine he talks about getting a colonoscopy.  So the whole family, plus my parents are watching and were laughing because we are old enought to have had to get one.  This leads to a whole family conversation about your bathroom time the night before if you need to get the procedure.  Anyway, this eventually leads to a talk about the actual procedure and now my young daughters are grossed out.  My one daughter says sarcastically, “Who goes to collage saying ‘Hey I want to be a Colonoscopist.'”.  Now she never heard of this, but just figured that the person who would do this would just be called a colonoscopist.

Well we all start laughing because we think its a funny word we thought she made up, and explain to her that the doctor who performs one is not called that because they usually deal with other procedures also and go on to explain about a Gastroenterologist and how they usually do that as one of many procedures they do..

Well I sit down to write this post about this humorous exchange and figure I should do a quick web search for colonoscopist just to make sure, and to my surprise, there is was in Wiktionary.  Colonoscopist – A The physician who administers a colonoscopy.

So you learn something new everyday and right after I publish this I need to go tell my daughter she was right.



  1. I would have never thought that there was a term colonoscopist. Funny stuff. I likes the fact that your daughter came up with it and you all laughed…


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