Smartthings Hub v2.0 Unboxing

SmartThings Hub v2.0 Unboxing

So I have been watching the SmartThings hub for a few years now, but did not want to purchase version 1.0 because of it reliance on an internet connection to work.  Version 2.0 has been out now for a few months and I decided to breakdown and purchase one.  I bought SmartThings Hub v2.0 from amazon on Saturday night and in true amazon prime fashion it arrived Monday afternoon.  I also ordered the GE Smart Switch and the GE Smart Dimmer.  I already own 2 Belkin WEMO Light Switches and an Amazon Echo and I have been successfully controlling the two WEMO switches with the Echo for a little while now.

Hub and GE Switches

So why did I buy the SmartThings hub? Well I wanted to start playing around with more home automation and this seemed like the perfect hub to get started with.  Why the GE Smart Switch and the GE Smart Dimmer?  Well the WEMOs are great, but I don’t think I need all my switched connected to the internet, plus the GE switches were over $10 cheaper than the WEMOs.

I plan do do a whole series of posts on my experience setting these things up, so chack back often to view my progress.

So whats in the box?

  • The Hub
  • Power Supply
  • 4-AA Batteries,
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Welcome Code – you will need this to add your hub to your SmartThings account.

SmartThings v2.0 Hub

Setup of the hub was fairly easy.  Just plug it into your ethernet, plug in the power, and install the backup batteries.  Once you done that, download the SmartThings app, and create an account.  You will be asked for the Welcome Code that came on the card.  You can not start connecting your devices..


Connecting WEMO Light Switches

Connecting Amazon Echo

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