Tivo Roamio Hard Drive Upgrade


Pramio Pro Front

Tivo Roamio Hard Drive Upgrade – Easy Peasy !

With the the Tivo Roamio, upgrading the hard drive has become a simple 10 minute experience that even a novice can do.  I was able to take advantage of the Tivo loyality program and purchased the Roamio Plus from Tivo for $450 including Lifetime.  I also went to amazon and purchased this 3 TB hard drive.  I could have gone larger, but 3TB is the larger drive you can drop right into it, anything about that and you would have to prep the drive with an image.  By using this 3 TB hard drive all I needed to do was open up the Tivo, remove the old drive and place the new drive into it.  The Tivo booted up and did all the work on the drive and I was up and running 20 minutes later.

I did boot up the stock Tivo first and ran through the guided setup first before replacing the drive, just to make sure everything work correctly.  Once the new drive was in, I did have to rerun the guided setup.

Disclaimer: Opening you Tivo and attempting to replace the hard drive will void your warranty.  Even though the process is easy now, you could damage your Tivo, so do this at your own risk.

roamio Plus Inside

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