USB Electrical Outlets

I have been looking at USB electrical outlets for a few months now to try and clean up all the usb chargers from all our devices. I finally made the plunge and purchased the Top Greener 4A High Speed USB Charger Receptacle 15A Tamper Proof Safety Outlet & 2 Free Wall Plates from Amazon.  This is outlet has a total of 4.0 amps meaning it can charge 2 higher current requiring devices at a time.  Some outlets like this on the market have a total of 2.1 amps so be careful when shopping for them.

I installed this without a hitch.  It was really as simple as shutting off the breaker, removing the old outlet, and replacing it the new USB electrical outlet.  This outlet came with 2 face-plates which I did not use because I had one of the Leviton Decora outlets there already so I just reused that plate.


Original Outlet with USB Chargers plugged in
USB Electrical Outlet – less clutter

As you can see, besides a cleaner look, I also get two of my electrical outlets back.  However, before you buy a USB electrical outlet, make sure that your electrical box is deep enough.  These won’t fit in a shallow box because the outlet itself is deep, about the size of a GCFI outlet.  Also make sure there are not a lot of wires in the back of the box either making it difficult for you to fit the outlet in.


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