Weighing Down Above Ground Pool Stairs?

So I have a set of stairs going down into my above ground pool which I have to weigh down every year.  I have trued bricks, rectangular red patio pavers, sand bags, bags of rocks, etc.  Each carried its own set of problems from elements leeching into the pool, or just becoming all full of Algae.

This last year I had done some remodeling so I have a few feet of 1.5″, 2″, and 3″ PVC pipe left over.  I also had a new liner put in the pool, and had the bottom of the pool re-leveled so I have some left over sand.  I decided to make weights out of these left over items so I can weigh down my above ground pool stairs.  All I really need now were some end caps for the various size pipes.= and I could build some PVC Pipe Weights.


It was really simple.  Under the steps is a shelf for you you place weights on to weight down the staris.  I measured the shelf, can cut some PVC pipe to 1″ shorter then this measurement.  Glued PVC caps to one end of each pipe. filled them all up with sand, then carefully went back and added a second cap to each.

I now have 3 – 1.5″ pipe weights, 3 – 2″ pipe weights, and 2 – 3″ pipe weights.  The end caps cost anywhere from 96 cents to $1.89 depending on the size of the cap, so for under $20 U now have a set of weights for my pool stairs I can use year after year and because it’s made up of a number of smaller weights, they are easier to manage.  No more getting in the cold pool at the end of the summer to get leverage to lift out a 20-30 pound weight.


  1. What a brilliant idea. Did you use 3 different sizes because that’s what you had? How many 3″ pipes would be needed & how do you attach them to the shelf? Thank you,Terri


    1. How many would depend on the weight of your stairs, the lighter the stairs, the more you will need. My stairs had a shelf underneath for a bag of sand, but if you use a bag of sand, sometimes the bag gets a small hole and next thing you know you have sand all over the pool or algae growing in the bag.


  2. Great idea, however, we have no shelf that people are talking about in various comments. Where could we put these pipes? Tie them to inside of steps??


    1. I guess you could use tie wraps and tie wrap it to the ladder.. Maybe on the inside?



  3. would a 5 gallon bucket with cement in it and a sealed lid like a 5 gallon paint container work without the algea growth? Not full of course that would be too heavy. Help?


  4. Great ideas, single female looking to do this. Thanks guys gives me cheap ideas.


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