Apple’s Next Big Innovation.. Is it Coming?


I am starting to see a lot of talk on apple fan websites like about the iPhone 6.  My real question is when is the next big innovation from apple coming out?  Yes we have been hearing rumors about a new Apple TV, but quite frankly other companies are now getting into the ring and even seem to be passing Apple in the front.  Over the past 3 years I have been hearing about the next generation Apple TV and what is might be or do , but they seem to be just that rumors.  Some of the newer rumors point to This month (April 2014) but as of this writing, we are half way through April and nothing yet.

Many people say Steve Jobs had a way of showing you what you needed before you knew you needed it.  The iPod, the iPhone, the iPad.  All of these things really made revolutionary changes to the way we listen to music, use a phone, and even use a computer.  How many of your everyday computer function have been taken over by an iPad or another tablet? Do you even use your iPhone anymore as an actual phone?

Basically I am wondering if Apple has that next revolutionary product in it, or will we be looking at improvements in its current lineup for the foreseeable future.

Please don’t get me wrong here.  I don’t mean to be down on Apple, I am rooting for them to innovate.  I really want them to change the way I get my TV, or something else I don’t know about yet, but I have to wonder if the magic fizzled with Jobs’ passing.

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